Forex trading online gives an opportunity to increase capital by 30-50% per year without any problems. Nowadays neither of tolls has such high investment attractiveness. Though, many experts of Forex market and real traders not unfoundedly confirm that it is not a problem to earn 100 and more percents per year during the adequate increase of the risk level. But any risk should be grounded and all traders who just start working in forex trading system should realize this. There were examples in the history when successful traders earned hundreds of millions of dollars on online forex trading platform but it is necessary to understand that they worked with great capital and were subject to big risk to lose everything every minute.

A guarantee of the successful work on Forex market is a training and a constant renewal of the background, self-perfection. Experienced traders trade by strategies which take into account all objective and subjective factors affecting the cost of currencies. There is an opinion among the experts of the forex trading system that the invested means in the education are repaid over and above. The most important is to think about the trade as a work, and not to play with it but earn money on your own.

Today there are many different locations for the trade on the currency market. They are connected between each other but have unique peculiarities which help beginners to develop their carries to a greater or lesser degree.

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