5 ways to get more people to visit your sports venue

When running a sports venue, there are several things that you’ll need to manage on daily basis. The biggest challenge you’ll face, to put it politely, is to get as many bums on seats as possible.

For larger stadiums with well-known teams, this is less of an issue. For smaller venues, however, this should be your focus. To help, here are 5 ways to get more people to visit your sports venue.

1. Keep your facility to a high standard

No one wants to go to an untidy venue, so cleanliness and maintenance should be your first priority. This is where a facilities management company can help. Firstly, they can provide highly trained cleaners who will ensure that your venue always looks in tip-top shape. This will be especially helpful after big events and games.

Secondly, they can provide security measures to help protect your staff, your athletes, and your partons. Staff can check bags and tickets upon entry and CCTV will ensure that fans and staff are on their best behaviour.

Thirdly, they can offer landscaping and grounds maintenance services. This means that if you have a grass playing field or simply some greenery in your venue, they can ensure that it remains in the best condition possible.

2. Ticket promotions

Tickets will be a huge source of revenue for your venue, so it’s important to be creative with your offerings. For example, you could offer season tickets that sit outside the resident teams, allowing fans to enjoy more of the entertainment that you have on offer.

Another tip is to offer two-for-one offers, group bookings, and other packages. Depending on the sports you offer, you could also offer a certain amount of free tickets to local schools and teams. This will bring people into your venue and they want to eat and drink while they’re there.

3. Variety of events

If you can host other events outside of sports, you can open your venue up to many more opportunities. Depending on your facilities, you could host gigs with bands and comedians, corporate functions, and more! All it requires is some creativity and marketing on your part to bring these alternative attractions in.

4. Great food and drinks

Having great food and drinks for patrons to enjoy is a great way to attract people to your venue. If they know they can enjoy great food while watching their favourite team, people will be more likely to purchase tickets!

5. More than just a game

If you can do more than simply host sports matches, you’ll attract a crowd. Take American sports as an example, there is entertainment from when people arrive to well after the game. Even if you don’t have the budgets of these teams, you can still put on a show.

Music between stoppages, DJs and lights for halftime, performers, mascots – all of these things can add spectacle and attract more fans.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips, and might see more people in your venue before you know it.

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