Ball Bearing Vs Roller Bearing – What Are The Major Differences

The ball bearing and roller bearing are generally used for the same purpose, depending on the situation. While the ball bearing comes with minimal load capacity, the roller bearing has a higher load capacity. Let’s read the article till its end to know the differences between ball bearing and roller bearing and other information related to Bearing cage Linear Bushing SVR (รังลูกปืน Linear Bushing SVR, which is the term in Thai).

What Is Ball Bearing

The use of ball bearings is every day in machinery and manufacturing equipment. It is generally used to provide a smooth and efficient rotational motion. The direction consists of four main parts such as an outer ring, an inner ring, steel balls and a cage that holds the balance. Generally, the outer and inner bearing is made of durable materials that can go with high speed or bear a heavier load than average capacity.

What Is Roller Bearing

Like the ball bearings and Bearing cage Linear Bushing SVR, the roller bearing provides smooth and efficient motion. While the ball bearing used steel balls for friction, the roller bearing only used cylindrical rollers for clashes.

Differences Between Ball Bearing And Roller Bearing

There are a lot of differences between ball bearings and roller bearings, and these are given below:

– Rolling Element Uses:

Whatever this is a roller bearing or ball bearing – it consists of three main parts such as rolling Element, cage, and maintaining rigs. In the case of a ball bearing, there is a spherical ball called a ball bearing.

– Roller Bearing Can Withstand Heavy Load:

The ball bearing uses balls for taking axial load and radial load. Of its heavy load-lifting capability, it is most commonly used in vehicles like trucks, buses and cars.

– Load Distribution:

The ball bearing transfers the load from the outer raceway to the inner raceway, but the roller bearing can distribute the load over any large area in a manageable way. The roller bearing can perform this task for line contracts, which makes the thing capable of resistance handling.

Which One You Should Use

Both ball bearing and roller bearings have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. While the roller bearing could be an excellent choice for heavy load-bearing capacity and high shock resistance, the ball bearing could be a perfect choice for higher-speed operation.


Now you know everything about ball bearings and roller bearings. These Bearing cage Linear Bushing SVR are both used for different operations. So, you should first consider various factors and choose the best bearing option for you.

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