How Do I Get An Agency To Find Me A Job?

Whether you are an employer looking for quality workers or a job seeker frustrated by sending resume after resume into the black hole of the Internet, it’s easy to feel like good help is hard to find. A reputable staffing agency can make the process of finding work a whole lot easier by helping you find jobs that fit your skill set and experience. However, it’s important to remember that recruiters are paid by the company, not you, and they need to ensure that their candidates are a good fit before making recommendations.

If you are using Aloha Employment agency, be sure to let them know that you also are applying for jobs on your own. Doing so helps ensure that your recruiter does not submit you for a position that you have already applied to or that is otherwise closed. You can even provide your recruiter with the list of positions you have applied to in order to assist them in their search for a job that is a good fit for you.

Be prepared for the recruitment process to take some time. Staffing agencies are usually working on a tight deadline to fill the positions they are assigned by their clients and may not have a position that is perfect for you right away. Be patient and keep in touch with your recruiter. Check in with them at least once a week to let them know you are still interested in finding work and remind them that they should consider you for any new opportunities as soon as they arise.

Some staffing agencies specialize in specific industries, while others have a more general approach to employment services. It’s a good idea to do some research and ask around for a recommendation for a reputable agency that works in your industry or has a good track record of placing people in temporary or contract jobs. You can also look at the American Staffing Association’s online directory to find a reputable agency that works in your area and to learn more about what kinds of positions they typically fill, the industries they serve, and how long it takes for the average candidate to be placed in a job.

During the interview process, be honest with your recruiter about what kind of work you want to do and why you are unhappy in your current job. Staffing agencies are only successful if they can place you in a job that is a good fit. Recruiters who are dishonest with their candidates or do not have the best interests of the job-seekers in mind will not be able to help them.

Check in with your recruiter regularly to see if they have any new positions that match your skills and experience. Be polite and professional. A staffing consultant will be able to tell if you are serious about your job search by how often and promptly you answer their calls or emails. Check in at least once a week, but not too frequently.

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