How to become a Pilates Instructor

How to become a Pilates Instructor

Follow these steps to become an instructor of Pilates:

  1. Experience Pilates workouts
  2. Join and complete an extensive training program
  3. Start teaching, observe and continue your own practice
  4. Take the National Pilates Certification Program Exam

Start by gaining as much experience doing Pilates exercises as possible. Take classes wherever possible, try private lessons, and check out some online instruction–anything you can do to increase your experience and knowledge of the repertoire. Ask the instructors you meet how they became professionals. You can then find out which training programs may be available in your locality. Find a pilates teacher training program and enroll. Decide when you will have the time to do so and the money to enroll. You will need to study for the certification exam after you complete your training program. There are many programs that prepare you to take the National Pilates Certification Program exam.

You should begin thinking about your ideal clients and where you could teach. It may be possible to begin teaching as soon as you finish your program, or even before. This can be the case for many students before they are certified, so do not wait. You will learn how to become a great teacher here. You can become a Pilates instructor in many different ways, and there are many organizations that you can join to teach. Find the right place for your career at this stage. It could be a Pilates studio, dance studio, local gym, community center or senior center. It is important to choose a location where you can begin teaching.

Who can become an instructor of Pilates?

Anyone who has a passion for Pilates can become a Pilates instructor. Trainers can be successful from the age of 20 up to 70. They include those who began training in their teens, at retirement and in all other stages. Both men and women train. Trainers come in all shapes and sizes. Trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, including dance, gymnastics and sports. Others have never been involved in a movement system prior to Pilates. Some trainers are fitness and physical therapy professionals. Others come from completely different fields. All of them have one thing in common: they discovered the benefits that Pilates can bring to people’s lives, became excited by it and wanted to spread it.

You may already have some of the skills needed to become a Pilates instructor if you’re searching for Pilates teaching opportunities online.

  • The method is attracting a lot of interest and enthusiasm.
  • Commitment towards obtaining professional certifications and building a successful career.
  • Self-motivation
  • Work ethic.
  • Passionate about spreading the Pilates Method to others.

Do you plan to become a Pilates instructor in Idaho?

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What type of training does the average Pilates instructor receive?

Most schools that offer Pilates teacher training will either provide a comprehensive course, which teaches the entire repertoire for all pieces of equipment, or individual training on each piece of equipment. You should take a comprehensive course if you can. This is the best way to learn. It is easier to internalize the material if you don’t take too long between courses. The exercises and principles build on each other.

It is recommended that you begin with mat training if you plan to take courses one by one. This is because the information provided is most complete. The next course students usually take is reformer. Studio and gyms who hire teachers are most likely to request mat and reformer classes. The majority of Pilates instructors have completed a Pilates Instructor Training Course that covers one or more types Pilates equipment, including the Mat, Reformer and Cadillac. If you’re not familiar with these pieces of equipment, learn more about them. You will need to know all the Pilates equipment repertoire in order to take the NPCP examination.

How long does it usually take to become a certified Pilates teacher?

The number of required hours will vary from one course to another, but the NPCP has tried to standardize the minimum required hours for a comprehensive training. It has also been accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. NPCP certification holders are assured that the credential they hold has been validated and approved by a recognized organization.

What is the cost of becoming a Pilates teacher?

The cost of becoming a Pilates Instructor depends on your choice of training program, the number and type of hours you complete, or the provider. Many comprehensive programs start around $5000. The NPCP exam costs $295 USD.

How do I prepare for a Pilates Certification Course?

You can prepare yourself for Pilates instructor certification by developing your enthusiasm and interest in the subject.

  • Pilates is a great exercise.
  • Pilates classes are available at many studios.
  • Read all about it.
  • Watch videos.
  • Try out different techniques.
  • Learn the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Find out what you enjoy most about teaching and moving through exercises.

How long do you need to practice Pilates before you can become an instructor?

You decide how much time you spend on Pilates, but it is recommended that you practice as much as you can to get familiar with the equipment and exercises. MOVE offers an Instructor Prep Program that will help you to get into your Pilates practice prior to starting the training.

Will I be certified after I complete my Pilates instructor training? Does certification make you qualified to teach Pilates classes?

In order to be a certified Pilates instructor, you must pass a nationally recognized certification test. Teachers are expected to pass the National Pilates Certificate Program exam, which is a accredited third-party certification organization.

When can I begin teaching Pilates?

As soon as you are comfortable, you can begin teaching. Most people begin teaching the principles during mat training. Some places will employ you while you are in training, as long as your plan is to complete your certification and you’re on track. 

Is being a Pilates instructor a part-time or full-time job?

You can be either. Many trainers work as instructors part-time in addition to their other careers. Others do it full-time. Pilates teaching is a skill in high demand and a natural complement to many careers, including physical therapists, dance instructors, massage therapists, sports coaches, other fitness instructors, etc.

What is the average salary for a Pilates teacher?

You can earn a lot of money depending on your experience and certification level. 

What is the average salary of a Pilates instructor?

Trainers who are newer can expect to earn $15 to $20 an hour. However, experienced trainers who have several certifications or areas of expertise can earn significantly more. Weekly hours can vary depending on availability and desire. Some trainers only teach a few hours, while others may teach up to 30.

Do Pilates instructors need to continue their education after initial certification?

Pilates instructors can expect to attend continuing education classes regularly.

Most trainers attend at least one training course per year. For most certifications, you must take a course every two years. Some courses are only a few hours long, while others can last a whole week.

Most teachers who become instructors are eager to expand their knowledge on a particular topic. It also increases your knowledge and expertise, which will increase your salary.

What is a typical day like for a Pilates teacher?

It can also be very varied depending on what you’re comfortable doing and available to do, as well the resources in your area. Many trainers in MOVE Wellness, Ann Arbor will offer many classes and lessons to private clients at the same studio most days. They keep consistent working hours. Some trainers work more flexible hours in order to accommodate second jobs and the demands of parenthood. Some trainers work for up to 12 hours at a stretch, while others only work an hour or so.

This line of work allows you to decide how you want your daily schedule to be structured to fit in with your lifestyle.

Some trainers prefer to work at more than one location, while others teach in just one studio. Some instructors only teach while others also run a Pilates or Fitness studio.

Does it make sense to become a Pilates teacher?

It takes time and dedication to become a Pilates teacher. You are the only one who can decide if it’s worth doing, based on individual circumstances and career objectives.

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