NFC Business Cards: What Are They Used For?

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In today’s fast-paced and tech-savvy world, business cards are no longer just a piece of paper with your name and contact details. With the advent of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, business cards have become more interactive, engaging, and efficient.

NFC business cards are also an excellent way to make a lasting impression on your clients and business associates. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of NFC business cards and how they can help you grow your business.

What are NFC business cards?

NFC business cards are similar to traditional business cards, except they are embedded with an NFC chip that allows data to be transferred wirelessly. With a simple tap of an NFC-enabled device (such as a smartphone), the recipient can access your contact information, website, social media profiles, and other relevant information.

This technology allows for a seamless data transfer, eliminating the need for the recipient to enter your details into their phone manually.

Benefits of NFC business cards

Below are some of the advantages that NFC business cards can offer:


Contactless business cards in UK are incredibly convenient since recipients don’t have to input your contact details into their phones. This saves time and effort, making them more likely to follow up with you.

Increased engagement

NFC business cards allow you to add interactive elements, such as videos, images, and links to your website or social media profiles. Cards with these features encourage potential customers to become more immersed with your brand.


While NFC business cards may cost more than traditional business cards, they are still cost-effective investments in the long run. With NFC technology, you can update your contact information and other details without reprinting your business cards.

Environmentally friendly

NFC business cards are more environmentally friendly than traditional business cards, eliminating the need for printing and paper waste.


NFC business cards are a convenient, engaging, and cost-effective way to promote your business and make a lasting impression on your clients and business associates.

With NFC technology, you can easily transfer your contact information and other details, eliminating the need for manual input and paper waste. Consider incorporating NFC technology into your business cards to stand out in a crowded market and grow your business.

NFC and QR Code Technologies

Do you want to know how NFC can be used similar to QR codes? Read the infographic below from NFC Tagify:

QR Codes Versus NFC Tags

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