Satchel Business Account – Why is it good for business transactions?

We live in the digital age, where almost everything is done instantly thanks to advanced tech capabilities. The finance industry has leveraged technology to create solutions that make daily transactions faster and simpler. One of those solutions is payment cards that are widely used for payments and purchases both online and in-store. There are many types of cards available today, but if you are looking for a corporate solution or a business account, you might want to consider Satchel.

About Satchel

Satchel is a European electronic money institution that doesn’t just offer ordinary business cards. It offers various tools and services for business owners and managers who make multiple transactions on a daily basis. There are a few tariffs to choose from, tailored to different corporate spending patterns.

Satchel also has a dedicated mobile app that allows managing accounts and cards on the go. With Satchel, you can unlock growth opportunities for your business and enjoy full financial freedom, anytime and anywhere. Below you will find some of the most useful features of the Satchel card:

  • All transactions are transparent, with no hidden fees.
  • Every transaction is secure and protected by the Safeguard money initiative.
  • The security of online purchases is ensured with the 3D Secure technology.
  • For any issues or concerns, the Satchel customer support team is always available and ready to help.

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