The benefits of locking and unlocking services

When you leave your house in the morning and come at night, what’s the first thing that you do? Lock and unlock your doors. You do this to keep your valuables safe from criminals. What about your business premises though?

Unless you’re open 24 hours a day, someone will need to open and close your workplace at the end of the day to ensure that your business is protected. If you do this yourself, it means early starts and late finishes – you don’t want to lock anyone by mistake. If you task this to a colleague, you’re trusting them with all of the valuables, technology, and stock of your business. If they forget to lock up, your business is at risk.

Furthermore, whoever is doing this will likely be alone at odd hours of the day, making them an ideal target for criminals.

So, what can you do to protect yourself and your staff and ensure the security of your business? Hire a facilities management company to provide locking and unlocking services.

What is locking and unlocking services?

A locking and unlocking service acts as a responsible key holder who will lock and unlock your workspace every day at a pre-agreed time.

What are the benefits of a locking and unlocking service?

If you aren’t sold on a locking and unlocking service, here are the major benefits!

Prevents Unauthorised Access:

This service prevents anyone – employee or otherwise – from accessing your work outside of working hours.

Reduces risk for staff:

As we mentioned earlier, having you or your staff opening and closing your workplace could make them the target of criminality. The staff provided by a facilities management company are highly trained and know how to respond to these adverse situations.

Safety Checks:

As part of this service, your facilities management company will check all fire exits to ensure that they’re closed, ensure that all windows are closed and that all lights are turned off. This means increased security and savings on power usage. 

Alarms will be set correctly:

Setting alarms isn’t easy, but they need to be set correctly. Leaving this in hands of your employees opens you to risk. A locking and unlocking service will provide trained staff who will ensure that your alarms are set correctly, every time.

No need to respond:

If you’re at a party or family event do you really want to respond to an emergency at your office? Well, with a locking and unlocking service, you don’t need to! Part of the service is to respond to any alarms and grant access to emergency services.

Save money on lost keys:

If someone loses a key, this may mean that you need to replace all of the locks and keys. This will not be a cheap exercise. Having a locking and unlocking service can help you to avoid this!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of great benefits that you can get from hiring a locking and unlocking company. Call a facilities management company to help you with these services today.

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