Top 11 Cool Uses of NFC Tags

NFC tags and printed wooden NFC cards are great for launching apps, leaving notes, and more. You can program your tag to do anything from turning on Wi-Fi to opening your favorite music app. The tag has a switch function that allows you to disable previously enabled features. You can even use it to run Siri shortcuts. In addition to launching apps, NFC tags can also open apps and store voice messages.

NFC tags are a great way to promote online content in the business world. They can be placed strategically on business cards, and they can also be programmed to provide links to social media profiles or websites. This helps you stay in touch with clients and remind people about your services. NFC tags are also great for creating contact shortcuts for your business.

Near Field Communication tags are small integrated circuits that store information. They are round or square and about the size of a large coin. They are helpful in making payments, opening apps, sending emails, and automating tasks. For example, NFC cards, which are hard cards that contain an NFC chip, can be custom designed to be used as a wristband, key fob, or bracelet.

Type 2 NFC tags are inexpensive and suitable for mass use. They can be purchased in read-only or read-write modes and are compatible with NXP products. You can even order one in reading/write mode for high-value transactions. If you’re looking for a high-quality NFC tag, try the Type 3 NFC tags.

You can use an NFC tag as a business card or as an invitation to an event. NFC tags are also helpful in triggering email notifications. For instance, if you own a coffee shop, you can use your NFC tag to send customers a message. You don’t have to ask customers for a password if you have an NFC tag on your menu. If you’d like to avail such custom smart card printing, it is best to canvass on the different packages and service providers out there.

You can read this NFC Tagify’sup-to-date infographic if you want to know more about the top 11 cool uses of NFC tags.

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