Top Kajabi Plans in 2022

The cheapest and most basic paid package is here. It’s also the package with the fewest features, as you might anticipate. If you pay annually, the Basic Plan costs $119 per month; if you pay monthly, the cost is $149 per month.

Some of the most important features of the Basic Plan are as follows:

Kajabi allows you to turn your expertise into digital items that sell. Online courses, tutoring, videos, subscriptions, and newsletter subscriptions are examples of these items. Whatever your level of competence in the digital world, Kajabi plans make it easy to develop any of them.

Create and maintain your product’s sales funnel easily using Kajabi’s proven, ready-made pipeline functionality. Using Kajabi, you don’t have to be an expert in funnels because the platform offers a proven and simple-to-follow template for everything from lead generation to product launches, webinar funnels, and sales/marketing channels.

No limits on landing pages: With Kajabi, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time learning how to make a unique landing page for each of your items from scratch. Additionally, these pages can be linked to your advertising networks (emails, offers, etc.)

E-marketing can be an important part of an online course’s success. Select from gorgeous themes to construct a world-class email blast for your items with Kajabi’s Email Marketing function.

Contacts are persons you’ve saved their information for. You can have as many as 10,000 of them. These people are your potential customers, your affiliates, and the actual people using your stuff.

1000 Members Who Are Active: Your students or community members who have immediate access to your goods are known as course creators.

Your business must have an online presence to display your items, promote your material, and include pertinent information about your services for the benefit of your customers. You don’t have to be a tech whiz to use Kajabi to create an all-in-one website for your business.

To launch and maintain your Kajabi site, you’ll need at least one administrator account access to the backend. This person can add pages, goods, and users and do other administrative activities.

Who Is Kajabi’s Basic Plan Designed For?

If you are starting in the virtual goods market, this plan is ideal. It’s a great option if you’re setting out in the company or want to develop your first three online courses! In the end, you can have access to all the essential tools and legos for successfully beginning and expanding your online course business, even if it does not give you all you need.

For and Against the Basic Strategy

With this basic plan, many course creators can get up and running quickly, even though some of these capabilities may seem a little lacking to those who are just getting their feet wet as of course creators.


It saves you money and gives you a chance to get used to the platform before upgrading to a more expensive plan.

There is no limit to the number of web pages and advertising emails you can generate for your products and the option to construct exams that may be used in your courses.

Some of the greatest support systems in the industry: On the Kajabi platform, you can learn how to use all of its strong capabilities to help you expand your business in-depth at Kajabi University. With daily training webinars, one activation call for customers, and live chat features, you get the support you need.


Automated contact management, sales funnel guidance, crucial encounters, and quick service provision are all things that would make life a lot simpler if they were available to all members of your organization via an advanced automation system.

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