5 Ways To Create Buzz When Bringing A New Product To The High Street

Bringing a new product to the high street can be an exciting time, one that sees not only the product itself gain a significant amount of attention but also an entire brand. The high street is also an ideal place to connect a product with a specific demographic while also reaching new audiences, as the high street is continuously filled with potentially new customers, most of which have arrived by a taxi in York.

To draw new shoppers into a brick-and-mortar space, however, can be a challenge. High streets remain competitive and many will not only remain loyal to brands they are familiar with but also blind to nearby competitors. For a product to reach these shoppers, they must create buzz.

Pop-Up Event

One of the most effective ways to draw attention to a product and a store space is to host a pop-up event. This can occur either in-store or outdoors in a nearby high street spot, with both options having advantages and disadvantages.

Limited-time events generate buzz through word of mouth as customers share their excitement and participation, encouraging others to avoid missing out. For new products, such events could be midnight launches, in-store experiences, or even sales promotions, all of which are effective at engaging customers old and new.


Brick-and-mortar stores are permanent advertisements, with window displays and even shop counters being able to market products and brand messages throughout the day. These platforms can be used to market coming products as well as advertise specific launches and offers directly to customers. Consider utilising such external designs to reach those passing by each day.

Social Media

Generating buzz across social media platforms can have a significant benefit to high street stores. While the two may seem disconnected, store-specific profiles and geo-location tools make targeted advertising remarkably effective.

Products can be teased or announced online and then supported with advertising campaigns, each of which is catered to reach those in a specific area or of a specific demographic, helping to increase buzz and, as a result, sales.

Sales Representatives

Employees of a retail venue are the main point of contact for customers and, as such, are primed to discuss upcoming product launches, as well as share their own enthusiasm. While many forms of advertising can be effective, the natural elements of a personal discussion can have the most significant impact. Sales representatives can share essential information, emphasise certain areas of the store, such as greeting card units, and cater to specific details to customers, ensuring that they are as informed as possible regarding products.

Offers And Preorders

Promotions have long been used to draw in customers who are, perhaps above all else, attracted to the prospect of value. By introducing sales that are linked to a soon-to-be-released product, such as reduced price or preorder benefits, customers can be enticed early on. These pre-orders ensure a sale while also prompting customers to generate buzz among others, those who seek to make a purchase early so as not to miss out on a limited-time offer.

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