Are You Considering to Rent a Factory in Chonburi?

There are a number of crucial aspects to take into account when searching for a factory to rent particularly in Chonburi.

  1. The factory’s location is crucial. It should be adjacent to nearby major roads and highways, and also other industrial parks in the region.
  2. The factory’s size is crucial. Ensure that the size you select will meet your demands both today and in the future.
  3. Third, cost should be taken into account. The cost of renting a factory might vary depending on the property’s location, size, and facilities.

Before signing a lease, be cautious to enquire about any unique criteria or limitations that might be in place. You may be certain to locate the ideal factory for rent in Chonburi by taking all of these things into account.

Thai Industrial Property is one of the companies in Thailand that can offer you a space for a factory for rent Chonburi (โรงงานให้เช่าชลบุรี, term in Thai).

In Central Thailand, there are many industrial estates, however many of them are meant for larger-scale businesses. In Thailand, it might be extremely difficult to find available warehouses for rent.

Additionally, it might be very challenging to find one that suits your requirements and price range. Industrial real estate is hard to come by in Thailand, hence prices for both buying and renting are higher than market rates.

However, a lot of smaller and alternative factory parks were built close to the big industrial regions because of high demand.

The following are a few best locations for renting any industrial properties in Thailand:

  • Bangkok warehouses and factories
  • Pathum Thani warehouses
  • Nonthaburi warehouses
  • Samut Prakan industrial properties
  • Eastern Seaboard warehouses and factories

What to look for when looking for a factory

When looking for a factory, there are the following few key things to check for.

  1. Safety

Priority one should be safety. Ensure that the factory is tidy, and well-lit and that every piece of equipment is in functional condition.

There should be numerous safety signs and exits that are well-indicated. It is crucial to confirm that the employees have received the required training and personal protective equipment (PPE).

  1. Factory efficiency

Second, you should evaluate the factory’s effectiveness. Do workers have free movement or are there production-process bottlenecks?

Is the equipment being utilised to its fullest capacity, or does it need to be updated?

  1. Environmental impact
    The factory’s effects on the environment must also be taken into account. It generates a lot of waste, right? Pollution risk: is it present? You can get a good understanding of the factory and how it operates by responding to these questions.

The renting cost of a factory

Several variables can affect the price of renting a factory in Chonburi. The price will vary depending on the size, location, and also your type of business that can be carried out at the factory.

However, as compared to other places in the world, Chonburi’s factory rental rates are often quite reasonable.

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